When creating content to share on social media, it’s absolutely vital that your content is visually appealing.

Setting up and staging our own photo shoots is out of reach for most of us, and spending hours sifting through websites and Pinterest boards is just plain exhausting.

So what’s the best way to create beautiful, relevant visual content without breaking the bank?


My Favorite Free Stock Photo Resources

1. Haute Chocolate

Haute Chocolate is a membership-based stock photo service for lady entrepreneurs. Haute Chocolate stands out to me through their video tutorials which teach you how to turn their stock photos into beautifully branded content for your own use.

Sign up for their email list and get a free set of images every month!


2. Creative Convex from PinkPot

Chaitra from PinkPot has blessed the #BossBabe world with a set of 20 completely free stock photos for download. A mix of portrait and landscape orientations with a ton a white space for text, you can take your social media game a long way with this set alone.

Download now!

3. WonderfELLE Media

Elle has crafted a gorgeous set of 10 stock photos filled with pops of pink and yellow for this fantastically feminine stock photo set. Head over to her site now for the free download!

4. Stock Gallery

Opt into monthly emails from the Stock Gallery to receive free stock photos straight to your inbox every month – it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Their membership that allows you access to carefully curated galleries featuring lifestyle, travel, home, food, and business images is also worth a look!

5. createherstock

There is a severe shortage of representation for ladies of color in the media, and social media is no exception. Neosha founded Create Her Stock to fill that gap and offers a monthly subscription service to her carefully curated images. She also sends free stock photos to her subscribers every month – sign up here!

6. CGS Creative

CGS Creative offers access to a resource library filled not only with gorgeous stock photos, but also with checklists and guides for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and social media managers alike. All for the low price of free, you really can’t beat this deal!

Get the password now!

7. Elle Westley Creative

Elle is a creative entrepreneur whose work absolutely screams professional chic. Her free photo pack is filled with desktop scenes, motivational quotes, and of course, loads of bling. Get it for yourself now!

8. Death to Stock

In my opinion, Death to Stock’s website is a little tricky to navigate if you’ve got a specific set of images in mind. They offer paid premium access to their libraries, but best of all, they send a free set of stock photos to your inbox every month! The monthly sets offer a wide range of subjects, themes, and styles, and are perfect for social media managers working in multiple niches. Sign up here!

9. thestocks.im

The most exhaustive stock photo resource on this list is thestocks.im, a free site that allows you to browse millions of free stock photos from top providers like Pixabay and Graphicstock.

Search either by type of content (photo, video, fonts, etc.) or by provider name.

While I love a good styled shot of laptops, pens, and notebooks that really gives a feminine, floral feel, sometimes we need a bit of diversity in our stock photos. That’s where sites like the previously mentioned Death to Stock and thestocks.im come into play.

Start searching now!

Use these free stock photo packs to launch your next great social media campaign for your blog or biz!

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