Yes, you read that right.

After almost a decade, I am officially out of the virtual assistant game! I have absolutely loved helping small business owners improve their online presence in the last few years, but after the last few years spent in overdrive during the COVID-19 pandemic, I am leaving my virtual assistant life behind to focus on my career as a songwriter and music therapist. 

My virtual assistant content will still stay up on the blog so that it can remain helpful to the public for as long as it stays relevant, however, I will no longer be updating blog posts as platforms and best practices change.

I cannot thank you enough for your support and encouragement both in the last years as a virtual assistant, and especially now as I lean back into my musical roots. If country or Americana music is your jam, I would so love for you to join me as I set out on this new adventure!


You can find me at if you have any questions about me or my music. 


Thanks for the memories!

– Annie