How to Make a Facebook Profile Picture Frame


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If you’ve been on Facebook at all in the last several years, you’ve probably seen a Facebook profile picture frame or two floating around. In case you’ve missed them, these are images you can lay over your profile picture that are often used for holidays, sporting events, or political movements.

Here’s an example of a Mother’s Day Facebook profile picture frame I used several years ago:

There really are endless ways to use Facebook profile frames!

Whether you’re looking to signal your political affiliations, stand in solidarity with a people group, cheer on your team in the championship, or just have a cute addition to your latest profile pic, this post will teach you how to make a Facebook profile picture frame for yourself.

Step 1: Make an Image

For this post, I’m going to be using Canva for Work to create a graphic with a transparent background.

Head to and click Create a design. Open up a Logo template under the Marketing designs:

I’ve made a simple “I heart mom” text for this tutorial. 

Once you’ve created your design, download it as a .PNG with a transparent background. Note that transparent background is a feature only available with Canva for Work.

Step 2: Upload Your Image to Facebook Camera Effects

Facebook has a ton of programs and services that you might not be familiar with, including Facebook Camera Effects, which you can find here. First, decide if you will be publishing your frame using your personal profile or your business profile by clicking on your profile picture at the top left corner.

(Side note: want to know more about why Facebook business profiles are a must? Check out this post!) 

Now, click the Open Frame Studio button at the top right.

From here, drag and drop your transparent .PNG onto the editor and adjust the size and position as necessary.

Be sure to keep the “Profile Pictures” option toggled on, make sure that your image looks good on both the square and circle profile picture previews.

Once you’re satisfied with the position and size of your design, click the Next button at the bottom right.

From here, you’ll be able to name your design, choose when and where it will be available for use, and add keywords to help people search for your frame.

Once you’ve finalized these settings, click the Next button at the bottom right. You’ll have one more chance to review your design and its settings before you publish your frame.

When you’re ready to send your frame into the world, press Publish.

Congratulations! You have officially made and published a Facebook Profile Picture Frame!

It will now show up in your Facebook Frame Effects Manager.

Step 3: Use Your Frame

Your Facebook profile picture frame can be used by you and the people who see your frame immediately. Once it’s gone through a brief review process, it will be searchable by anyone within the parameters you set while creating the frame.

Just head to your personal profile, click on your profile picture to update it, and select Add Frame when viewing your photo options.

And that’s it! Three easy steps to creating your own custom Facebook profile picture frame. 

Do you have questions about Facebook profile picture frames or social media in general? Thought of a particularly creative way to use Facebook profile picture frames in your marketing strategy? I’d love to hear from you!