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As a fellow lady boss, I know just how challenging it can be to find a WordPress theme for your site that is feminine, professional, and functional.

That’s why I’ve written this guide to my favorite WordPress themes for lady bosses just like you!

In this post, you’ll find a list of both free and paid WordPress themes, as well as my own personal recommendation for the best theme to use (spoiler alert: it’s Divi!)

So without further adieu…

The Greatest WordPress Themes for Lady Bosses


Free Themes

You might have noticed that if you navigate to Appearance -> Themes on your WordPress admin dashboard, there is already a free theme or two available for your use. Use the Add New buttons to search through millions of free WordPress themes, and try a few out!

Now I will always recommend you choose a paid theme like Divi (which we’ll get to later), but free themes are great to get you started out on, especially if you’re just not ready to fully commit to paid theme yet.

Now, onto the themes!

1. Mary Kate

The Mary Kate theme from Angiemakes is light, feminine, and responsive. You can also purchase the premium version later if you end up falling in love!

Download Theme


2. Neverland

This gorgeous theme from GT3 comes with an Instagram slider widget and over 600 Google fonts pre-installed!

Download Theme

3. Enamored

I love the soft, fun vibe that the Enamored theme brings to the table! Like the Mary Kate theme, Enamored has a premium version to purchase down the road if you so choose.

Download Theme



Paid Themes


If you’re truly serious about launching a profitable blog, I highly recommend you go with a paid theme for your site.



Divi Theme from Elegant Themes


After working with several paid themes while building websites for other clients, my hands-down recommendation for any blogger or business owner looking to get the most out of their website is the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes.

Hundreds of thousands of people (including me!) use Divi for their sites, and it’s not hard to see why. Divi’s claim to fame is their drag-and-drop visual editor that lets you effortlessly design and edit gorgeous websites with little to no coding knowledge.

Divi almost operates more like a framework than a theme and is infinitely customizable, so you can easily adjust the colors, font, and background to fit your tastes. You can use layouts within the Divi theme, and you get 20 layouts free when you purchase Divi.

Divi also uses built-in elements like buttons, email opt-ins, and sliders to make building your site a breeze. You can learn more about Divi and see it in action here.

Now, the Divi theme does carry the heftiest price tag of any of the paid themes discussed in this post at $249. However, when you purchase an Elegant Themes membership, you get lifetime access to Divi, their other themes, all of their plugins, fabulous customer support, lifetime updates, and unlimited website usage.

I actually have a whole post dedicated to Divi love here!

If you have any questions at all about Divi or getting your site set up with Divi, shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to get you sorted out!


  • Drag and drop visual builder
  • Infinite customization options
  • Lifetime access to all Elegant Themes Products
  • Large support community
  • Little to no coding knowledge needed


  • Expensive
  • A new animal to master for those who already code

Divi Theme // $249 // Download Here

Other Paid Themes

If you find that Divi just isn’t for you or if you just can’t swing the price tag, I recommend you look at paid themes from these three sites.

1. Refined 316

If you’re looking for a clean, professional, and feminine theme with lovely customer support, Refined 316 is where you belong. I’ve built several websites with their themes for clients prior to making the switch to Divi and was quite satisfied with the outcome.

Refined 316 offers nearly twenty themes for you to choose from, all priced equally at $75. Which theme you choose will depend on your aesthetic preferences and what functionality you want your site to have.

In order to use any Restored 316 theme, you will also need to purchase the Genesis framework, which Restored 316 will walk you through should you decide to purchase one of their themes. Right now, the Genesis framework costs $60.

My only aesthetic complaint with Restored 316 themes (and really, any theme that isn’t Divi) is how limiting the theme can be for design. If you get months into your blogging journey and decide you want three main images on your homepage instead of four, you might be up a creek depending on the theme you purchased.

Be warned when working with Refined 316, you will need some basic coding knowledge to make any major edits to your site once the theme is installed. However, you can also purchase a separate service package allowing Restored 316 to set up your site for you. This service package is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to get their hands dirty with any backend coding work.


  • Gorgeous themes
  • Variety of choices
  • Customer support
  • Website set up package


  • Requires some coding knowledge
  • Requires Genesis for an additional fee
  • Limited options for major design changes

Refined 316 Themes // $75 + Genesis ($60) // Download Here



2. Bluchic

Bluchic also offers a wide variety of feminine Wordpress themes, but with a modern, chic vibe. Most themes offered by Bluchic come with a $79 pricetag.

I particularly love how functional the Bluchic themes are, and how genuine the website and customer service experience is. Kathie and Andrew have really done a great job bringing such a personal touch to their online business!

Like Restored 316, Bluchic also offers a separate 24-hour installation service if you don’t want to mess with coding and will completely set up your site for you after you purchase your theme.

The team at Bluchic has also developed a library of social media templates and landing page templates in addition to their adorable WordPress themes. For $279, you can have lifetime access to all of their themes, templates, and resources.


  • Functional, chic themes
  • Customer support
  • 24-hour installation package
  • Lifetime access to library for additional fee


  • Might require some coding knowledge
  • Limited options for major design changes

Bluchic Themes // $79  // Download Here


3. Angiemakes

If you loved the free Mary Kate theme, you’ll be head over heels for all of Angiemakes‘ other premium themes! Angiemakes combines the best of both worlds with WordPress themes that look both professional and modern. All Angiemake themes cost $70, and like Restored 316 and Bluchic, you can purchase a theme installation package for a separate fee. Pros:

  • Professional, modern themes
  • Additional theme installation packages available
  • Good style variety


  • Might require some coding knowledge
  • Limited options for major design changes

Angiemakes Themes // $70  // Download Here


In Conclusion

There’s a wide range of feminine and professional WordPress themes out there, from free themes like Mary Kate from Angiemakes to paid themes like those offered by Bluchic. I will always recommend that you go with a paid theme if you’re serious about blogging, and I seriously urge you to consider Divi as the gold standard of WordPress themes if you decide to go with the paid option. Working with Divi has saved me hours of wasted time and headache, and I’d be happy to talk about Divi with you if you’ve got any questions or concerns! Take some time to consider your options, and when you’re ready to pull the trigger and start customizing your site, head on over to my Blogging Blastoff series and get to work!


Until next time,